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          Albuquerque Community Bible Class is designed to cover the great themes of the Bible.  In addition, a good dose of archaeology will be included whenever archaeology/Near East history helps understanding the biblical Text.  In fact, the first six class sessions feature an orientation to archaeology, as it relates to the Bible.  The reason for this emphasis is because the teacher of the Albuquerque Community Bible Class has a long history in field archaeology, has academic training in archaeology, and he believes that archaeology provides an often underused window into understanding biblical customs and beliefs.  As you can see in the topics below, the biblical themes are collected in six-class groups.  The classes listed represent the class schedule for about the next year
Introduction to Archaeology and the Bible
1. “Great Archaeological Finds of the Bible Lands”
2. “What Is Archaeology?”
3. “What Is the Bible?”
4. “How Do Archaeology and the Bible Interact?”
5. “Issues between archaeology and the Bible”
6.  “How Archaeology and the Bible can be blended together”
1. From where did the Bible come?
2. How reliable is the Bible?
3. Does the Bible Really foretell the future?
4. Can the Bible help with your daily life?
5. Why are there so many Bible translations?
6. Great passages of the Bible

1. What is prayer?
2. Why should you pray?
3. Why did Jesus pray?
4. Does God answer prayer?
5.  The “Lord’s” prayer
6.  Great Prayers of the Bible
1. Who is the God of the Bible?
2. What does the word Trinity mean?
3. What are the characteristics of the “Father”?
4. Is Jesus truly God?
5. Is the Holy Spirit an It or a Who?
6. If God is so powerful, why doesn’t he end suffering?
1. Don’t all roads lead to the same destination?
2. Saved from what?
3. Did God make the devil?
4. Can’t we use the divine in all of us to save ourselves?
5. Will everyone be saved, why or why not?
Updated: Jul 24, 2013