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About the teacher
David Merling has been involved in Near Eastern archaeology since 1974, when he was a square supervisor at Tall Hesban, Jordan.  Since that time he has continued his involvement in field archaeology in the following seasons:
2005, 2008 Tell Jalul, Jordan, Volunteer
2000 Tell Jalul, Jordan, Co-director
2000, 1999  Tell Jalul, Jordan, Object Registrar
1999 Tell Jalul, Jordan, Co-director
1996, 1994 Tell Jalul, Jordan, Associate Director
1996, 1992  Tell Jalul, Jordan, Assistant Director
1992  Tell Jalul, Jordan, Supervisor Field A
1990  Tell Gezer, Israel, Field Supervisor
1987, 1984 Tell el-cUmeiri, Jordan, Square Supervisor
1984 Tell el-cUmeiri, Jordan, Camp Manager
1974 Tell Hesban, Jordan, Square Supervisor

In addition to his archaeological field experience, Dr. Merling has pursued an academic career, obtaining a B.A. degree in Theology in 1974, an M.Div. degree in 1974, and a Ph.D. in 1996.

For 22 years he was the curator of the Siegfried H. Horn Archaeological Museum and a professor of archaeology and history of antiquity at Andrews University as part of the Old Testament department in the Theological Seminar.   Among the many classes he taught were New Testament Greek, Biblical Hebrew, Archaeology and the Bible, and the Bible Lands and Their Exploration.

Dr. Merling is in the unique position of helping students understand the Bible, because he cannot only help them understand the Text but also provide insights from the ancient Near East.

Updated: Jul 19, 2013