Albuquerque Heights Seventh-day
Adventist Church

P.O. Box 14528, 4920 Wyoming Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87191

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Student Information
We welcome you as a new student to our class. Please help us get acquainted by filling out this page. Thank you.
   Male;   Female;  
Street Address:
Cell Phone:
Please check your age group:  0-9;   10-19;   20-29;   30-39;   40-49;   50-59;   60+;  
What influenced you most to attend this
Community Bible Class?
 TV;   Newspaper;   Radio;   Poster;   Flyer in mail;   Friend;   Other;  
Have you ever read the entire Bible through?  
 Yes;   No;   
Do you generally read your Bible every day?  
 Yes;   No;   
Can you find a passage from the Scriptures
easily if just the name of the book,
chapter and verse were given to you?

 Yes;   No;   
Have you ever been to the Bible Lands?      Which countries?
  Yes;   No; 
Have you ever volunteered on an archaeological dig?      Where?
 Yes;   No; 
Do you regularly attend church?      Which one?
 Yes;   No; 
Do you watch the “Hope Channel” or “3 ABN”?       
 Yes;   No;        
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Updated: Jul 24, 2013